Because Sun BioTan®


Sun BioTan® has active ingredients that will help you get a perfect bronze all year round, leaving your skin feeling healthy and smooth.

A Melanin activator to strengthen the skin’s response to the sun.

A skin-tightening, firming and toning active that offers a lifting effect and promotes increased skin brightness.

Um ativo hidratante, que favorece a hidratação das camadas superiores da epiderme, e permite a obtenção de uma pele mais vigorosa conferindo um toque suave e sedoso alcançando assim uma aparência saudável.

In addition to activating cellular toning, Sun BioTan® restores the natural balance of the skin and also combats wrinkles, leaving skin more nourished, revitalized, toned and more filled. Warning: For best results, wipe the skin thoroughly before applying and wait 4 to 6 hours before bathing or applying any type of cream or make-up. It does not protect from sunlight.