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Grow your business with Sun BioTan®. A product specially formulated to give a tan tone to the skin, without recourse to sun exposure or UVA and UVB rays.

Sun BioTan® is, in the first place, a treatment for the skin. The melanin activator aims to strengthen the response to the sun; the mechanism of preparation of the skin is made without sun. The efficacy of tanning is due to its direct effect on melanocytes. Sun BioTan® is designed for its dual property as a tan activator and a skin protector.

Its application makes it a product of easy drying. A treatment for the face and neckline takes about 30 seconds, a full body treatment 8 minutes.

When you Buy the Kit Sun BioTan®

you will receive:

Sun BioTan®


ready to use.

2 Airbrushes for micro-branding

simple and easy to use.

2 liters of Sun BioTan® treatment

without parabens and enough for about 500 face and neckline applications.

1 Packing of Sun BioTan® cleaning solution

specifically for cleaning airbrushes.

3 pipettes

for use with product in the airbrush.

1 Advertising Poster

for decorating your space and promoting the treatment.

Sun BioTan® passport pack

allow you to keep your customers loyal.

50 Invitation Cards

to capture new customers.


to advertise your new service to your customers

A User Guide

for effective application resulting in true sales success.

4 Year Warranty

in case of failure in the first 2 years you receive a completely new machine and in the next 2 years you receive a properly refurbished machine.

Support for communication

on Sun BioTan® online platforms.