To get the best results every time you apply Sun BioTan, the first step should start with you.
Good nutrition, a healthy lifestyle and the little daily gestures of skin care have more impact than we can imagine. It is essential to have a good routine, so that we can benefit from the best that the skin has in us to offer.

1.      First of all it is important to cleanse the skin before bedtime, since at night cell renewal happens. Stress, poor diet, excessive sun and smoke are some of the factors that negatively affect this process. Pour a cleansing solution and then apply a face tonic or face cream.

2.      In the morning worry about washing your face to prepare you for the stimuli you will suffer during the day. The purpose of these morning care is to prepare the skin for the day and protect it from the external aggressors to whom we are exposed daily. Wipe it thoroughly and dry it lightly with a towel, and be careful not to hurt the skin.

3.      Apply a moisturizer. The cream seals all other layers of skin care, ensuring that it stays protected and provides hydration to your upper layer. Choose the type of cream you use depending on your preference and the needs of your skin.

4.      Also apply a sunscreen. The sunscreen will ensure that your skin stays youthful and luminous for longer.

5.      Exfoliation is ideal for deeper skin cleansing, eliminating impurities and removing dead cells effectively. In addition, the exfoliation prepares the skin to receive complementary treatments. Have a good exfoliation to the skin at least every fifteen days.

6.      Drink plenty of water during the day. It is fundamental for the proper functioning of our entire body.

It is always time to start taking care of the health of our skin, nourishing it so that it has a radiant aspect every day.